To obtain a complete mix of the neem oil with the water it is essential to use an emulsifier such as an ecologically friendly detergent, black soap, alhata soap or soap nut.

To prepare 15 litres of sprayable emulsion having a concentration 0.33% neem oil to water, requires:

50 ml of neem oil + 10 ml of emulsifier +15 litres of water
Step 1. Take 1 litre water and mixing container Step 2. Add 10 ml (one heaped table spoon) of
black (or other) soap
Step 3. Stir vigorously Step 4. Add 50 ml neem oil (5 caps full)
Step 5. Mix oil into water soap mix

Step 6. Transfer mixture to spraying equipment and
add water to make up to 15 litres.
Use spray on crops within 8 hours of mixing.

Spraying of seedlings should take place as soon as they are planted (do not wait for the pest to appear). Use as a foliar spray on crops, covering both upper and underside of leaves. Can also be used as a soil drench by spraying the soil near the crop roots. Typical coverage for 50 ml of neem oil is 1,500 sq m 90.37 acre. For most crops it is recommended that spraying is carried out at 7 to 10 day intervals.

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